We are delighted that you are considering St Mary’s Cathedral as the venue for your Wedding Ceremony. This beautiful building is an icon of the City of Perth and very much visited by people from all over Australia and the world. You and your guests are most welcome.

Criteria For Being Married In The Cathedral

To be married in the Cathedral the following criteria are essential:

  • at least one party must be a Catholic.
  • both parties should be 18 years of age or over.
  • both parties should not have been married previously. If married previously, a Letter of Freedom or evidence of a Catholic Church Annulment is required.

Notice of Marriage

The Cathedral normally requires between six (6) months and eighteen (18) months’ notice before your Wedding Ceremony is to be celebrated.


Any Catholic priest or deacon registered as a authorised minister of religion in the Archdiocese of Perth or another diocese of Australia may officiate. Please include the celebrant’s name and address on your agreement form. The priest or deacon must have the faculties of the Archdiocese and may need a Working With Children Card in accord with state legislation.

You may invite your own parish priest or priest friend to officiate. Alternatively, one of the priests stationed at the Cathedral may be available to officiate at your Wedding.

Your marriage celebrant acts on behalf of the Commonwealth and the church and is responsible for the following documentation associated with a wedding.

Marriage Papers/Documents

Your celebrant will require copies of your birth and baptism certificates and will complete all the documentation with you. It is important to contact your Celebrant promptly as “The Notice of Intended Marriage” should be completed not more than eighteen (18) months and not less than one (1) month before the marriage.

The Marriage Act 1961 sets out the documents required for
establishing place and date of birth and identity.
“The following documents only are acceptable as evidence of a party’s date and
place of birth:
-­‐ an official (original) certificate of birth, or an official extract of an entry in an
official register showing the date and place of birth of the party, or
-­‐ a statutory declaration from the party or the party’s parent stating:
it is impracticable (this does not mean not practical or convenient; it means
impossible) to obtain an official birth certificate or extract, and the reasons why, and
to the best of the declarant’s knowledge and belief and as accurately as the declarant
has been able to ascertain, when and where the party was born, or
-­‐ a passport issued by the Australian government or a government of an overseas
country showing the date and place of birth of the party.”
You will also need to provide photo documentation to establish your identity. The
following are acceptable:
-­‐ a driver’s licence
-­‐ a proof of age/photo card
-­‐ an Australian or overseas passport, or
-­‐ a Certificate of Australian Citizenship along with another form of photographic
evidence (such as a student card or other photo identification not listed above).

Ceremony or Nuptial Mass?

This is a faith issue which you should discuss with your Celebrant before making a final decision.

Marriage Preparation Programs

Every couple should undertake one of these courses provided by the Catholic Church. Contact Catholic Marriage and Fertility Services on to make a booking.

Wedding Booklet (Order Of Service)

Your celebrant will guide you in the selection of prayers and Scripture readings. Since a wedding celebration (Ceremony or Nuptial Mass) is the official liturgy of the church, it must be in accord with “The Rite of Marriage” approved for use in Australia published in 2015.

Before printing your wedding ceremony booklet, it should be submitted to your celebrant for approval.

Wedding Times At The Cathedral

St Mary’s Cathedral is available for weddings on Saturdays at 11.00am
(must vacate the grounds of the Cathedral by 12.30pm), 1.00pm (must vacate the grounds of the Cathedral by 2.30pm) and 3.00pm (must vacate the grounds of the Cathedral by 5.00pm) Other days and times may be permitted but NOT Good Friday, Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Starting Time Of Ceremony

All marriage ceremonies must start at the time for which they are booked.

Late arrival of the Bride (more than ten minutes) can cause serious inconvenience to our staff, your guests and the next Wedding Party.

Signing Of The Civil Documents

Signing of these documents cannot take place on the altar but on a table on the sanctuary. This is in accord with liturgical law.


Priest/Deacon Fee There is no set fee but an appropriate fee offering should be made to the Celebrant of your Wedding. As a guide for you as to what is appropriate, the present fee for the filling out of the various papers and Celebrant of a Civil Marriage is in excess of $300. This fee needs to be paid to the Celebrant at the Wedding rehearsal.
Booking Fee $200.00 (non refundable)
Cathedral Fee $1000.00
Refundable bond $400.00

The Cathedral Fee includes:

  • use of the Cathedral, which is air-conditioned in summer.
  • flowers in the Cathedral.

Payment Of Fees

The booking fee is to be paid within two (2) weeks of a booking being made. (The booking may be cancelled and the booking fee refunded if the celebrant determines that the wedding cannot be licitly carried out under the Church’s law.)

The fefundable bond will be refunded at the Cathedral’s discretion if the cathedral and grounds are left clean, tidy and undamaged and all signage left in place.

The cathedral fee is to be paid no later than three months prior to your Wedding. Cheques are to be made payable to ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL. You can also pay your fees online and the details are on the invoices. When you pay online please email the payment details to


Please notify the Cathedral Office on 9223 1352 as soon as possible if you cancel your wedding arrangements. All fees are refundable, except the booking fee of $200.00.

Wedding Music

Music must be sacred or classical.

Wedding Music Options

  • Cathedral Organ (played by a Cathedral Organist or other organist by arrangement)

In addition one or more of the following options are available:

  • String Trio or Quartet.
  • Singers – Soloist.
  • Schola of 6 Choirboys from the Cathedral Choir.
  • Trumpet Fanfare.

Music arrangements for your Wedding should be made with the Director of Cathedral Music and finalised three months prior to your Wedding. Jacinta Jakovcevic, the Director of Cathedral Music can be contacted on 9223 1377 or

Wedding Music Fees

Cathedral Organist $150.00
String Trio or Quartet $450.00-$600.00
Singer – Soloist $150.00
Schola of 6 Choirboys from the Cathedral Choir
Trumpet Fanfare $150.00

Wedding Music Fees should be paid no later than two months prior to your Wedding. Once the music for your Wedding has been finalised an invoice will be issued and the payment can be made online.

Cathedral Bells

The Cathedral Bells are available for Weddings. The Bells should be booked at least three months prior to your Wedding. To book the Cathedral Bells for your Wedding, please contact the Cathedral Bellringer: Lindsay Evans on 0423153498 or email The Cathedral Bellringer’s fee is $150.00. Couples will be sent an invoice by the Bellringer.


Flowers are arranged by the Cathedral Florist.

Confetti etc

The throwing of confetti, rice, almonds, flower petals etc is not permitted both inside and outside of the Cathedral – this is in accordance with the Litter Act and Regulations 1979-1988 and penalties apply. The Cathedral must be cleared of all items put there as part of the Wedding Ceremony or left by guests of the Wedding. The Cathedral may be used for another Wedding or other service or Mass immediately after yours so the Cathedral must be left as it was found. Also any items which are moved (for instance for photography purposes) must be returned to their original positions. This includes signage and other items either in the Cathedral or on the grounds of the Cathedral.

Photographer and Video Operator

Professional photographers and Video Camera Operators may take formal photographs in the Cathedral. These people should be appropriately dressed for the occasion. Shorts are NOT acceptable. Both Photographer and Video Camera Operators should report to the Celebrant before the Wedding Ceremony.


We welcome the use of Limousines for Weddings however please be aware if you have a Super Stretch Limousine these vehicles have difficulty fitting through the front gate of the Cathedral. There is to be no parking off the driveway by the Wedding or any other vehicles other than in designated bays. Please instruct the Limo drivers of this requirement. Any leakage of oil onto paving off the driveway will be cleaned by professional cleaners and the cost invoiced to you.

Wedding Ceremony Rehearsals

Your rehearsal should be arranged by the Celebrant. Once a date and time has been decided contact the Cathedral office to see if the Cathedral is available. The Cathedral is open every week night until 6.00pm except Wednesday nights when the Cathedral is available until 7.00pm.

Booking The Cathedral For Your Wedding

Once you have decided to book your Wedding at the Cathedral you should contact, Lolita at the Cathedral Office on 9223 1352, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays between the hours of 8.30am – 4.30pm.

Bookings are only accepted from the Bride or the Groom.

The Booking Fee is not a deposit and is therefore non refundable. Once the Booking Fee has been paid it is possible, however, to change the date and time. Please note the booking may be cancelled and the booking fee refunded if the celebrant determines that the wedding cannot be licitly carried out under the Church’s law.

When you pay the Fees please email the payment details to the Cathedral office at and complete and scan the Agreement Form back to the office.

The Agreement Form and Booking Fee form part of your booking.

Thank you for choosing St Mary’s Cathedral for your Wedding and we wish you well with your preparations for your marriage.

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