Planned Giving

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Cathedral. Parishioners contribute to the Cathedral community in many ways including financially and this support is much appreciated. This help enables us to continue our presence and ministry in the heart of the city of Perth. It is a support which is not just for this generation, but for generations to come. All of us have cause to be grateful to the generations of Catholics who have given in many ways to the Cathedral parish since 1844; we stand on their shoulders, we build on their giving.

As you would appreciate the maintenance of the Cathedral is itself very costly and we do not just want to be a beautiful building on Victoria Square; we want to be a vibrant Catholic community which reaches out to those in need and proclaims by deed and word the Good News of Jesus Christ. You help us to do that by your very presence, by your participation in Mass, by your prayers, by volunteering and with your financial support.

There are two collections taken up at every Sunday Mass. The first collection supports the priests of the Cathedral. The second collection is for the all the costs in maintaining the Cathedral buildings and in running the Cathedral parish. Planned Giving is a commitment to give a nominated amount to the second collection and enables the Cathedral administration to budget, to establish programmes in the present and to plan for the future. It is also a concrete commitment on the part of our parishioners: they are saying that they will be giving a set amount to the Cathedral whatever that amount may be.
If you are interested, there are two ways of taking part in planned giving:

1. You may request a set of envelopes making a commitment to give a certain amount over the financial year. This may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, biannually, whatever suits you. The envelopes would be placed in the second collection. If you wish to give this way, please call (9223 1350) or email the parish office (cathedral to request a set of envelopes.

2. Or you may arrange to give by direct debit. If you give by direct debit you do not need to remember envelopes or about having the right amount for the second collection; the money will be taken at the intervals you specify from your nominated account. This direct debit may be stopped anytime you choose. Some parishioners who make use of direct debit feel naturally self-conscious about not putting anything in the second collection and we provide a set of envelopes for the use of our direct-debiters; the envelopes can be placed empty in the second collection. If you are interested in direct debit giving, please use this link to download the forms. The forms should be returned to the Cathedral office by email: or by post:

Cathedral Office
25 Victoria Avenue

The forms will be sent to the Catholic Development Fund for processing and you will receive a letter of acknowledgment.
Whatever you decide to do, thank you for taking the time to consider this. We appreciate each and every member of our Cathedral community.
God Bless.







Very Rev. Dr Sean Fernandez

Dean and Administrator