Sri Lanka terrorist attack

The community at St Mary’s Cathedral has been praying for all the victims of the Easter Sunday terror attacks in Sri Lanka.

On Saturday, 27 April, at 4pm we shall host the Sri Lankan Catholic Community as they celebrate a Vigil Mass in Sinhalese and English. The Mass is followed by an inter-faith service. The broader Sri Lankan community and all people of goodwill are welcome to attend.

The President of the Australian Bishops Conference has condemned the attacks and expressed the solidarity of the Australian church with the people of Sri Lanka:

Attacks such as this are always atrocious, but especially when worshippers are the target and it’s the Resurrection they’re celebrating.
We don’t know who planned the attack or what their motive may have been. But we do know that whoever’s responsible, this attack has something demonic about its planning and execution.

We also know that violence like this won’t have the last word. That’s what Easter is about.

Archbishop Mark Coleridge