Prayer of a young chorister

22nd November, 2019

Dear Jesus, thank you for my choir.

Thank you for my choir friends – they are great and it’s fun when we are singing together and the pipe organ is playing – that is such a cool thing – you know, sometimes it plays so loud the floor shakes a bit !! Gee I really love that !!! There’s that one piece the organist played a few weeks ago – it was really fast and exciting – and at the end there was a really long note – wow that was the first time I could feel the floor shake a bit – me and my friends, we just wait for that every Sunday now !!

And Jesus, help me be kind to all the other choristers especially the ones I don’t know very well yet – including the new boy who still sings a little out of tune…

And please help me with my music – it’s tedious sometimes – but I have to practice a little every night so I learn all the music. And then it’s really fun when I know it really well and I can just sing out with everyone else !!

And, Jesus, help me stick at it so I get really good at it like some of those older singers – wow their voices are just so strong and they just know all the music so well – oh, and please help me get that top A on Sunday – I really, really want to get it !!

And help me to always be attentive at Mass – I know I should listen to all the readings…but sometimes I just sort of start daydreaming a bit…and then almost miss standing up to sing the psalm – oops !!

Actually, Jesus, last Sunday I did listen to the readings, and in between them we sang a really nice psalm – I can’t remember all of it, but it sort of went like this: ‘there is one thing I ask – to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life’ and something about the ‘splendour of the Lord and his temple’ – wow I already love it, Jesus – the incense, the pipe organ, the beautiful flowers, the big colourful windows with pictures in them – and when I sing it feels so special – like I’m a really special part of all of this !!

Thank you Jesus so much – please look after me and my choir !!



Chorister for a day

Sunday 24th November

11am – 2:30pm

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