Letter from the Archbishop on the Church’s response to the Royal Commission

The Archbishop has released an important letter on the Church’s response to the Royal Commission. In it he apologises to the victims of abuse and their families on behalf of the community and continues

I understand that these things have been said before, and that words alone can never be enough. I continue to be determined to ensure, with the help of so many people around me, that these words will be backed up by practical action. It is this determination which lies at the heart of my desire to share this letter with you.

The Archbishop points to the Safeguarding Program as an important element of the Archdiocese of Perth’s commitment to building safer communities. He also affirms the Church’s commitment to addressing the recommendations of the Royal Commission

In the formal response of the ACBC [Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference] and CRA [Catholic Religious Australia] to the recommendations of the Royal Commission we have either accepted, accepted in principle, or supported all but one of the 82 recommendations which relate directly or indirectly to the Catholic Church. While the one recommendation we were unable to accept – that which relates to the confidentiality of the Sacrament of Penance (Confession)-will be the focus of much discussion and criticism, this should not obscure the reality that the leadership of the Church has committed to acting upon all the other recommendations.

You can read the whole letter here.