Cathedral Manager

Tony Meyrick is the Cathedral Manager at St Mary’s Catholic Cathedral in Perth and spends many of his working hours within the majestic confines of the city’s largest place of worship.

A father of 3 boys and grandfather of 3 girls and a boy he spends all of his holidays travelling incorporating trips to Sydney or London where his children and their wives live.

Tony’s background is in ICT with 21 years’ experience running his own information technology business and then working for the company for a further six years after he sold it.

Although he was satisfied with the nearly three decades he spent in the world of business, by the time he reached his mid-fifties he recognised a restlessness within. It was enough to send him on the search for a path that wasn’t driven by the pursuit of money, but would instead allow him to incorporate his long-held Catholic faith.

Despite being actively involved with not-for-profit organisations for many years, he yearned for an even deeper participation.

It was then he saw the supervisor’s job (later to become known as the manager) for the recently revamped St Mary’s Cathedral advertised at his parish in St Mary’s, Leederville, and he knew God was opening the door for the next chapter of his life. “This role was meant to be,” Tony reflects. “It came around just at the right time and I am very happy with how it has worked out.”

The job was initially advertised as a building manager focusing mainly on maintenance issues but has since morphed into a broader role involving the co-ordination of events, activities, the two meeting rooms, the parish centre and crypt, as well as overseeing issues involving the internal and external workings of the cathedral. He also takes a supervisory role in the maintenance of other buildings under the control of the Cathedral parish: St John’s Procathedral, St Catherine’s in Subiaco, St Francis Xavier in East Perth, All Saints Chapel in Allendale Square and Cathedral House (formerly known as the Archbishop’s Palace).

Working under the guidance of the Cathedral Dean, and with a small but dedicated team by his side, Tony is pleased with the development the Cathedral has taken over the ten years he has served. Tony gets great joy from seeing people at the Cathedral whether for its primary function as a place of worship, prayer and reflection or the many tourists and other visitors who just come to look at the award winning architecture. There are also a large number of people, especially from the hospital, who just use the grounds. Tony’s mission is to make them all feel welcome at God’s place. The cathedral is the home of a very multicultural parish – another aspect of his job that gives Tony great joy.

Towards the end of 2019 the title for the role was changed to Cathedral Manager to more accurately reflect all that the job involves.